Our mission is to put the acquired technological knowledge at disposal, and to quickly transform it into competitive advantage for the customer.
In order to reach this aim successfully, Cora has developed the following strategic points:

  • Continuous study and experimentation of high technological products proposed by the market.
  • Planning method of applications on PLC and personal computers, defined from UP (Unifi and process) and UML (Unifi and Modeling Language). This allows the reaching of the final result in a short time and to also give the project the possibility to develop at different moments and independently from the technicians that have planned it.
  • Continuous updating of the machine security problems and their relevant solutions, offered by the products that damage the productivity least.
  • Multidisciplinary character of the service offered, with a strong sinergy of mechanics, electrotechnics, automation, information technology and telematics.
  • Involvment of the customer in the realization of his project and, if requested, implementation with specialized training courses on the method and applied technology.
  • The choice of the best partners like Siemens, Omron, Schneider, Phoenix, Sick, Lapp Kabel grants every updating on new products, their relevant fields of application and their use through aimed training.
CORA: the Company
Cora srl was established in 1981, experiencing an exponential growth and, at the moment, it employs about 60 people. As a result, the structure that hosts the company has grown as well and it has now 4000 covered square meters, where the different activities take place. >>>

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CORA srl - ROVERETO (TN) - tel. +39 0464 485 711
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