In order to successfully reach this aim, Cora has developed the following strategic points:


  • Availability of the components warehouse, prepared for the reselling by qualified staff
  • Managment of the industrial production with the bill of materials that allows, among other things, to have the history of the product always at disposal. ( effectively used components, every lot or matricula).
  • Testing procedures, either self - determinated or on customer request, allow low probability of defects in the use of the finished product
  • Testing instruments for strength proof as far as 5000 Volts, continuity proof of the protective conductor with a test current of at least 10A, electromagnetic wave emission proof carried and emitted with a pre - compliance instrument, components initialling instruments and lasting thermic transfer cables, proof of wave - form on drives through oscilloscopes.
  • Multidisciplinary character of the service offered, with a strong sinergy of mechanics, electrotechnics, automation, information technology and telematics.
  • The choice of the best partners such as Siemens, Omron, Schneider, Phoenix, Sick, Lapp Kabel grants thorough updating on new products, their relevant fields of application and their use through aimed training.
CORA: the Company
Cora srl was established in 1981, experiencing an exponential growth and, at the moment, it employs about 60 people. As a result, the structure that hosts the company has grown as well and it has now 4000 covered square meters, where the different activities take place. >>>

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